EWCA Signs an Agreement

Leulseged Nigussie

Wildlife Conservation Authority, EWCA signs an agreement with Jember
Limited on June 4, 2012 for establishment of an Eco-Lodge at Bale
Mountains National Park, BMNP.

the occasion held at EWCA’s meeting hall, the Director General of
EWCA, D.r Kifle Argaw says, such agreements are the very part of the
country’s development plans especially the growth and
transformation plan, GTP. This plan enhances local and foreign
private developers to invest in Ethiopia as there are encouraging
conditions throughout the country to do so, expresses Kifle. As the
director tells, EWCA is striving to specifically achieve its own
objectives and the country’s GTP as a whole by signing such
agreements and performing so many activities that contributes to the
conservation of wildlife. The establishment of the Eco-lodge at BMNP
will create job opportunities for the society there and provide
tourists with a standard accommodation, says D.r Kifle.

to Fetene Hailu, EWCA’s Wildlife Utilization Directorate Director,
the Jemeber Limited is an international organization which bases in
England and having a branch in Ethiopia. The Eco-Lodge that its
construction will be started after months, at a place called Ketcha
in BMNP, costs 1.2 million pound and rests on 7.8 hectar land, adds

the other hand, Guy Levene, General Manager of Jember Limited
expresses that, he is very much happy for having the agreement signed
within short period of time. He also tells, Ethiopia is a country
which has encouraging situations for foreign investors and he is to
invest more in the future.

Sustainable Tourism Alliance, ESTA, has been mediating the agreement
process between EWCA and Jember, tells the ESTA Manager Bedlu Shegen.
He also puts that, he is happy for having such agreement signed which
is new in its kind and needs to see more in the future as ESTA is
there to help.

is remembered that there are different institutions which provide
tourists with food and accommodation services being administered by
EWCA itself, investors and societies at BMNP, Awash National Park
(ANP), Simien Mountains National (SMNP), Nech-Sar National Park
(NSNP) and other protected areas throughout the country.